Hello, love!

I am home today, getting cozy with the new season and listening to this song. My heart feels very open and soft.

At the end of last month I went on a life-changing sisterhood retreat. I watched over 20 women stand on stage and share their stories–their struggles and their triumphs. I fell in love with every one. I also got to stand in front of them and tell mine. Sharing our stories can be very freeing, very healing. It connects us heart to heart, soul to soul.

I am a seeker. You may or may not resonate with that label, but on some level we are always seeking new life experiences. Sometimes we explore purely out of curiosity and joy, but more often than not our journeys arise from pain and darkness. For many years I have been–and continue to be–on my own heroine’s journey. I haven’t shared very much of it publicly, but my deepest desire is to use what I’ve learned on this path in service to the world, and to do that it needs to be brought to the light.

I invite you to take a moment and connect with the seeker in you.

What is your current challenge?

You may be struggling with your health, your body, a personal relationship or situation that is causing you distress. Many of us experience anxiety and depression (myself included), and we forget how amazing and magical life can be. Whatever the challenge is, it is asking to be shared and healed. That is my mission—to help you discover the power to give your story a satisfying ending.

Life itself is an epic thing, and while pain is mandatory, suffering is not.

Over the next few months I will be sharing my story, and what has brought me to this place. And I invite you to share your story, too. The more I know about your challenges, the better I can connect with you and serve. Leave a comment below and let me know–what is going on for you, and how can I help?